Life is Strange is a mystery graphic adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment in 2015. The game consists of five episodes that were released bimonthly and is playable on consoles, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The plot is centered around Max Caulfield, an 18-year-old photography student at Blackwell Academy who discovers…

This week, I played the second installment of the hugely popular indie puzzle game, Monument Valley. The mobile game, developed by UsTwo Fampany Limited, costs $4.99 but its compelling isometric graphics and truly unique gameplay made it worth it. While I initially thought of the game to be targeted towards…

-Chris, Sydney, Sid, Will, Rowan, Chinmay

  • Are players excited about the learning aspect or do they find it boring?
  • What do players gain more out of the game? Knowledge or Entertainment?
  • Do players enjoy the variety of “minigames” or do they find them too limited?
  • Are players likely to want to play the game again?
  • Are…

This week, I played “Dear Esther”, a first-person exploration and adventure game created by The Chinese Room. The game is available on most gaming platforms including consoles, PC and mobile devices. I played the game on an iPad. The game seems to be targeted towards people who enjoy exploration and…

Spatial Stories- Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Evocative Spaces- Star Wars: Battlefront II

Enacting Stories- Grand Theft Auto V

Embedded Narratives- Fredi Fish 3: The case of the Stolen Conch

Emergent Narratives- Club Penguin

Draw Something (source)

This week, I played the mobile game “Draw Something” that was developed by OMGPop in February 2012. The game was soon acquired by the social game company Zynga in March 2012. “Draw Something” is essentially a combination of Pictionary and Scrabble and requires at least two players to play. At…

Chinmay Patel

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